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Blockbuster Online Free Trial Review

You love movies, but you hate going to the video store. The lines are long, the place is crowded, and they rarely have the movies you want in stock. Instead of forcing yourself to go to the video store anyway, try out Blockbuster Online. With Blockbuster Online, customers can rent all of the movies they want and only pay a monthly fee.

Free Trial

If you sign up with Blockbuster Online as a new customer, you can take advantage of the free trial offer. With the free trial, you will get all of the advantages of a Blockbuster Online membership without having to pay anything. It will give you the time to try out the service and make sure it is what you want.

Over 80,000 Titles

You want a movie, and it’s a hard title to find. In fact, you have gone to video store after video store looking for that movie. With Blockbuster Online, you have over 80,000 movies to browse through. Chances are, one of those will be that hard to find movie that you have been looking for.

4 Plans to Choose From

With plans ranging from $9.99 to $19.99, Blockbuster Online offers plans to fit every budget and need. Plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, as viewing needs change.

In Store Exchanges

This is where Blockbuster Online shines. While other mail in companies only offer videos through the mail or via streaming, Blockbuster Online allows for users to also take their movies into a store and exchange them. The number of exchanges is decided by the kind of plan a customer has. With this feature, customers can have immediate access to all of the movies available at their local Blockbuster

Special In Store Offers

Also, customers who use the Blockbuster Online service can also take advantage of special in store offers on a monthly basis. That allows for customers to have the flexibility of both online and in store rentals.

No Due Dates or Late Fees
We’ve all been burned by the evil late fee. It shows up on our customer accounts and keeps us from getting the movies we want. With Blockbuster Online, there are no due dates or late fees. Keep the movies for as long as you want. As long as your Blockbuster Online membership is active, you do not have to get the movies back at any time.

Free Shipping Both Ways

Blockbuster Online sends their movies in envelopes that include your return envelope. That way, customers never have to pay for shipping. All that is required is the monthly membership fee. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

If you are interested in online movie rentals, take advantage of the free trial that Blockbuster Online is currently offering. There is nothing to lose, and you just might take something away from the process. You might find that online renting is the best thing for you and your schedule. Now is the time to give online rentals a chance.

To get your free trial, please go here.

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